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        2. Company Profile

          About us

          Located on Sunlight Road Xuchang Economic Development Zone, Sunlight Group specializes in the research,manufacturing and sales of wires, electric cables as well as power line equipment of telecommunication, electric power and mining industry. It is approved "double-high enterprise". Covering over 260,000㎡, it has more than 900 employees, 286 of whom are technicians and senior engineers. The group has 9 subsidiaries and owns a gross asset of 2000 million RMB. It is capable to produce over 20000 specifications of more than 500 models of cables including telecommunication cables, optical fiber cables, electric power cables, control cables, overhead wires, special cables, auxiliary material of cables, telegraph poles, hardware fittings, buried polythene quincunx tubes, iron towers and so on.

          Sunlight Group is a key enterprise in the cable& wire industry of China, with rich experience in producing optical cables and electric cables and management and is in possession of advanced equipment, excellent capability of technical development and perfect testing facility. The company has brought in the international first-class equipment for the producing of high-voltage electric cables, telecommunication cables and optical fiber cables, which enables to meet the national and international requirements in producing and testing. Its products quality reaches international advanced level and wins the credence of users all over the world. Cross-linked polyethylene power cables,The Group adheres to the unity and the path of scientific and technological innovation, enhancing the force of technology innovation, new products research, new technology research and development. Moreover, the center of the enterprise technology research and development has been formed. Tens of millions has been invested at home and abroad to purchase a large amount of internationally advanced level of test equipment. We has developed the ADSS cable, 110KV and below, cross-linked power cable, fire-resistant cable, flame retardant cable and other products. Currently we are in research and development of ultra-high voltage 750KV and below cross-linked power cable products and other high-tech products. In 2012, the Group's research and development institution is identified as "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", telecommunication cables and optical fiber cables of and lower than 110KV voltages win the reputation of "Hi- tech products" and the company as the 'National High Technology Enterprise", owns many a patent.

          Sunlight Group keeps as No.1 in the industry in Henan province. It has been praised as "credit unit" in three consecutive years. It has won many other reputations such as "Henan pioneering enterprise", "double-high enterprise", "AAA-grade credit standing enterprise" and "provincial civilization enterprise". The group has got the certifications of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupation health safety management system, measuring and detecting system. It has also got the certification of power cable production which is issued by Power (Beijing) Product Certification Center (PCCC), Safety Certification of Approval for Mining Product and telecommunication cable as well as optical cable certifications. The company has approved qualified by most of the domestic telecom carriers, the Information and Industry Ministry, the National Broadcast& TV Bureau and the National Military Authority. The group has also achieved the qualification of import and export trades. The product brand "Xusheng". including power cable, telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable has been confirmed as Henan Famous Product and Henan High-quality Product.

          Sunlight Group has an experienced after-sales service team. They provide with technical consulting, technical training and on-site construction service in the fields of telecommunication electric cable, telecommunication optical fiber cable as well as electric cable. They also offer the best on-site quality and service at greatest speed, with best attitude.

          Sunlight Group aims at providing first-class products and first-class service. To achieve mutual prosperity and contribute to the development do telecommunication industry! To make the world know Sunlight Group! To make products be used all over the world. You are always welcomed to visit and cooperate with us!